Diving Deep into the Margiela Archives

I recently looked at all of Martin Margiela’s 41 collections for his eponymous line, spanning from 1989 to 2009, and listed out some themes and notable favorites.

Although the themes change for each collection, Margiela largely sticks to his exposed seams and visible linings, red / white / black color palette, reversed and detachable parts, oversized pieces, and transformation of one garment into another (for example, a dress worn as a skirt). Reoccurring designs include the usage of linings as clothes, collars or cuffs as bracelets or necklaces, detachable sleeves, tights over shoes, men’s jackets worn by women, trompe l’oeil, and, possibly most importantly, objects repurposed as garments.

Margiela’s evolving silhouettes
1989 S/S
1989 A/W
1990 S/S
1990 A/W
1991 A/W
1992 S/S
1992 A/W
1993 S/S
1994 A/W
1996 S/S
1996 A/W (credit: Vogue)
1997 S/S and A/W (first 4 images are from S/S, last 2 images are from A/W)
1998 S/S and A/W
1999 A/W
2000 S/S and A/W
2001 S/S
2001 A/W (credit: Vogue)
2002 A/W
2003 S/S
2003 A/W
2004 S/S
2004 A/W
2005 S/S
2005 A/W
2006 S/S (credit: Vogue)
2006 A/W (credit: Vogue)
2007 S/S (credit: Vogue)
2007 A/W (credit: Vogue)
2008 S/S (credit: Vogue)
2008 A/W
The Final Show

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