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One book and dozens of articles later, I wanted to share my notes on how Japanese fashion has evolved to this day

Land’s End Lookout

I set out to elevate my vocabulary

Continuation of my journal since apparently my screenshots of her fashion show pics take up too much space.

I recently pored through Andrew Bolton’s curation of Comme des Garçons, the May 2017 exhibit for the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

For idea generation purposes

Boat neck (bateau), off-shoulder, halter:

I recently looked at all of Martin Margiela’s 41 collections for his eponymous line, spanning from 1989 to 2009, and listed out some themes and notable favorites.

Margiela’s evolving silhouettes

It’s May! We’ve learned that offices may extend WFH till September… waiting for confirmation on these rumors.

April short-term goals reflection:

  • Food: So I did the water fast… except I only did it for 2.5 days. I could not last till 4 days (maybe in the future sometime I’ll try it again? Also, a quick note on the timeline of events: I did the water fast at the end of April / first week of May so this post is about 2–3 weeks overdue because, duh, I keep procrastinating). On the second day, I was so lightheaded and my arms kept tingling and going numb. Every time I stood up, I saw black for a few seconds. …

So we learned this week that the stay-at-home order for NYC will be extended till mid May… possibly will be able to WFH till then!

April short-term goals reflection:

  • Food: I’ve decided that I’m going to water fast for FOUR DAYS (Monday to Thursday). Let’s see if I can do it. Lately my stomach has been hurting a lot so I feel like I need to purge my body of toxins now since I’ve just been stuffing my face with garbage foods…
  • Water: I’ve been a bit better at drinking water but not the best. It’s because it makes me have to pee every half hour! Schedule: 9am (1st cup), 12pm (2nd cup), 2pm (3rd cup), 4pm (4th cup), 6pm (5th cup), 8pm (6th cup).
  • Exercise: N/A
  • Mindfulness: (1)…

Yes, I realize I only wrote my journal entry not even a week ago — but have not followed any of the guidelines I outlined for myself on it. So… I’ve slightly tweaked it.

April short-term goals:

  • Food: fast from 8pm to noon of the next day, and then eat from 12pm-8pm. This is so hard! I haven’t done it yet — not even once! I think I’m just going to buy breakfast and NOT eat it till noon, because breakfast + coffee is my fave part of the day and it’s just so hard for me to give it up… Will have to be better at tracking my progress on Zero.
  • Water: this should honestly be the easiest goal to achieve but it’s been a struggle as well so I need to set a timeline for…

This is the first journal entry of many I will be writing due to my poor memory retention and the inability to hold myself accountable for my actions

April short-term goals:

  • Food: intermittent fasting (16–8 schedule, using the app Zero). The key is to not eat breakfast! But it’s so hard when there’s a nice moist slice of olive oil cake waiting.
  • Water: 8 cups a day — for skin, digestion, stress relief, yada yada. Literally some articles I read, you’d think that the cure for everything is just gallons of water + adequate amount of sleep.
  • Exercise: kinda doesn’t pertain in…


Journaling for the memz. I like snapping pics.

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